Pennsylvania Legalization By The Numbers

2/3 of Pennsylvania residents support cannabis legalization in the state.
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Nearly 50% of states already have a safe & regulated legal adult-use cannabis market.
90 percent of PA border states offer safe, tested, & regulated adult-use cannabis

The Day 1 Promise

  • The Day 1 Promise means learning from other states’ experience with legalization, and ensuring that safe, accessible, and regulated adult use cannabis is available throughout the Commonwealth on day one.

The Day 1 Promise has four pillars:

  • Keeping communities safe
  • Moving from an illicit cannabis market to sales that are taxed and regulated
  • Providing for communities impacted by cannabis prohibition, and
  • Creating economic opportunities for Pennsylvanians.

That’s the Day 1 Promise.

Moving PA Forward

Pennsylvania lawmakers can and should legalize adult use cannabis in 2024.

Creating an adult-use cannabis market will create a new economy, new jobs and a new source of revenue for the state. State economists estimate that first-year legal sales could yield nearly $14.8 million. Revenue and job creation will continue to increase each year, with the state projecting the industry adding more than $250 million at full maturity.

Adult use cannabis is already in Pennsylvania; however, it’s illicit, untested, untaxed, unregulated, and accessible to children. The decision is not whether to have adult use cannabis or not—it’s what should it look like in the Commonwealth. Legalizing cannabis allows Pennsylvania to reduce the harm caused by illicit markets, including drug-related violence and unsafe products. A regulated environment ensures consumer protection, youth prevention, and responsible use education.

Together, we can move Pennsylvania’s economy forward, ignite a job boom, harvest the tools needed to allow small businesses to thrive in the Commonwealth, and increase public health and safety.

The Time Is Now

2/3 of Pennsylvanian’s support legalization of cannabis.

  • The time is now to legalize an adult-use cannabis program in Pennsylvania.
  • The time is now to put the Commonwealth state on equal standing with neighboring states who recognize the failed drug policies of the past.
  • Legalizing cannabis is a critical step towards addressing the disproportionate impact of cannabis prohibition on marginalized communities.
  • It offers a chance to rectify past injustices, reduce unnecessary incarcerations, reallocate law enforcement resources to more serious and violent crimes, and create centers of social equity and innovation.

Our state can also recognize personal freedom and individual rights of Pennsylvanians through legalization. Adults should have the right to make their own choices about cannabis consumption in a legal, regulated framework.

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